Health Services


Pregnancy Testing
The Health Department provides free pregnancy testing and counseling. Staff can also help ladies apply for temporary Medicaid, which provides health care access to many individuals, including pregnant women who meet income guidelines. The program is financed by both the federal and state government, and is administered by the State of Missouri through the Department of Social Services' Division of Medical Services.

Adult Immunizations
Each year in the U.S., up to 60,000 adults die from vaccine-preventable diseases or their complications. Vaccines are among the safest medicines available. Health Department staff offer adults tetanus and seasonal influenza shots.

Case Management
Staff coordinate services for clients with high risk pregnancies.

Health Screenings
In 2000, 35 million people in the United States visited their doctor for hypertension (high blood pressure). As of 1994, nearly one fourth (23%) of Americans ages 20-74 had hypertension. In 2000, more than 23,000 people died in the U.S. from hypertension or its complications.

The Health Department provides blood pressure screenings and offers information on how you can successfully lower your blood pressure.

Tuberculsois (TB) Skin Testing
We offer tuberculosis (TB) skin testing. Call our office for details.