Mosquito control


Do you have a great pond or other water feature near your home that is attracting mosquitos?  Sometimes mosquito bites are no more than an itchy irritation.  However, others carry dangerous diseases that can affect your health much more seriously.

Christian County Health Department is here to help you protect yourself and your guests from the bites that occur when mosquitos are present.  We are offering mosquito dunks to Christian County residents (must be 18 or older) to be tossed into standing water features near your home.  Each dunk covers 100 square feet of water surface and serves as a larvacide to kill mosquito larvae without harming fish or rendering the water unsafe for livestock.  Dunks will be limited to 4 per household and can be picked up in the lawn and garden department of Nixa Hardware.   Just ask for Jeremy and let him know Christian County Health Department sent you!


Everyone can help prevent Zika transmission from occurring in Missouri by implementing two simple steps—control mosquitoes inside and outside your home and use personal protective measures to prevent mosquito bites and prevent sexual transmission.

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Controlling Mosquitoes in and Around the Home


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